Leading the revolution.

Hey guys,

3-D has never been better positioned for explosive growth. Technology is cheap, as are the financial resources to buy it! New tools are popping up every single day to meet the growing desire of consumers to create 3-D still images and videos like they see in the theaters. Just the other day, I read an article on the projected sales figures for 3-D capable HD TVs, and it looks very promising.

Philips 3D Television 42-inch

Image via Wikipedia

While it may a little optimistic on the part of the TV manufacturers, it’s still backed by a growing trend of consumers who don’t want to be left behind when they buy the newest HD stuff like Blu-ray players and HD TVs; having your stuff become outdated in 6 months is seriously no fun. So, where’s all the content for these new 3-D TV‘s? That’s where you and I come into the picture. Grab your 3-D camera, or your- beam splitter rig, and follow me my friend. We are going to lead the revolution…


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